What is it?
21RDH is an online bank of resources, images and information that should assist and increase productivity and efficiency of any students studying photography. We use the mediums of blog posts, videos, PowerPoint Presentations (taken from our own lectures) and examples of student’s own work.

Who is it for?
21RDH is for students and any persons who are passionate about photography as an art form. The age range is of A-level and above

The Aims and Objectives of 21RDH
We only promote photography as an art form rather than as a promotional tool. The site is dedicated to informing and assisting students with conceptual, technical and visual inspiration and guidance.

How do best navigate 21RDH
To most efficiently navigate the Blog site, we recommend you use the labels section of the Blog. Labels categorise posts to ensure the user can find what they are looking for quickly. If all else fails you can search for keywords via the search option on the site. All posts are tagged with keywords, so if you were for example searching for a photography that deals with issues concerning alcohol, you could simply search for alcohol to discover photographers who work in your chosen theme. 

What’s on 21RDH?

Conceptual Information ( Student Research)
The conceptual information on the Blog is found within each genre Label. Each genre of photography has been dedicated a label and thus its own space. Students can navigate through the photographers who work within each genre and discover specific bodies of work. A passage of text complements the images explaining the photographer conceptual aims and objectives. This is a great tool for research and critical analysis. It gives students understanding of others work and informs and adds value to their own pieces. Below is the full list of genres that are available to explore.

Documentary, Experimental, Landscape, Portrait, Staged Narrative, Street

Technical advice and guidance (Camera Tutorials and Module Guidance)

Technical photographic information can be found in the labels titled Camera Tech and Resources. The site provides resources that give information that students can use to understand the key tools in photography such as Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. This is then followed up with tutorials on how to use these tools with your camera and what effect it can have upon the image. Here is also where you can find module advice and guidance. At A-Level we study with the WJEC exam board.

Visual advice and guidance (Composition)

Visual advice and guidance is found in the Composition label. Resources to help understanding on how to compose, structure and balance an image can be found here. Examples, theories and advice is given.

What else is on 21RDH?

The Blog also hosts a Library Page and label, which gives a full list of books available to get from our library with a brief description of what type of work they present and discuss. This can give students guidance before they walk into the library and stare at shelves.

We believe it is also important to promote our own students work, which is found in that self-titled label. This can increase students using this type of site and helps motivation to create visually interesting and challenging work.

Useful websites are also promoted with its own label and page. The page contains embedded links to ensure students researching are more productive. This can also minimise the dreaded Google search and countless dead ends.