Tuesday, 7 October 2014

"Touching Strangers' by Richard Renaldi

"Touching Strangers" by Richard Renaldi

Richard Renaldi's most recent body of work is a series of portraits taken in towns and cities all over the USA. He began this project in 2007 and was eventually released in Spring 2014 by Aperture Productions.

This particular body of work involved asking complete strangers to feature in the photograph in poses  normally associated with being around loved ones. This pushed the subjects out of there comfort zone. Renaldi creates beautiful single moments between people who had never before met and will likely never meet again. These photographs seem to have something positive to say about human connection. In a world in which strangers rarely communicate, Renaldi  has convinced them to become close, even if it is for just a fleeting moment. These images are thought provoking, moving and emotional. Ranaldi questions social barriers and forces us to consider whether these barriers can be broken.

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