Friday, 21 March 2014

Final Exam details

What to write in your introduction from Jaskirt Boora


Monday 31st March  - Block F
Tuesday 1st April   - Block F

Wednesday 2nd April   - Block C
Thursday 3rd April   - Block C

Friday 4th April  - Block B
Monday 7th April   - Block B

Sketchbook deadline: Monday 28th April. This needs to be handed in to college services from 10am – 1pm. If you fail to hand in your sketchbook you will risk failing the exam.

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday 13.30 -14.15 in Q10
  • During Easter there will be a workshop day for both Art1 and Art2 sketchbook work. This will be on Thursday 24th April from 9am – 4pm

WJEC Exemplar material

2012 moderation-archive-art1-art2-art3-art4 from Jaskirt Boora

Monday, 17 March 2014

Reflection: Annotating and drawing on your images

A-E grade AS Photography ART2 sketchbook student examples

Art4 Student work - Final Piece examples

Exam presentation

Printing and mounting for exam from Jaskirt Dhaliwal

For your exam we recommend students to, at the very minimum, present in the formats of a exceptionally presented; display board, book or digital presentation.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Photoshop Tutorials on colour cast and replacing colours

For more of Adobe's video tutorials go to:

Correcting Colour Cast using Levels

Tinting a Photograph

Using the Colour Range Command

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Nuneaton Festival of Arts

To enter find out more information here:

If only for a second by Mimi Foundation

What an ingenius way to put a very special smile on a cancer patient's face.
In its latest project, a cancer foundation based in Belgium has tried to get 20 people to experience the feeling of being 'carefree' after being diagnosed with the disease - and captured that moment on camera.
The idea was inspired by a patient who told the foundation, 'You know what I miss the most? Being carefree'.
So to make that happen, staff invited 20 patients to a photo studio for what they told them was a free makeover from a team of professional hair and makeup stylists.

The Mimi Foundation, a French organisation focused on quality of life for people affected by cancer, has launched “If only for a second” (Ne serait-ce qu’une seconde), a campaign featuring 20 women and men experiencing a unique makeover. Patients going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy were offered a hair and makeup experience without being able to see themselves during the transformation. A photograph then immortalized the moment they opened their eyes. The campaign includes a limited edition book, in which every photo is followed by a caption, the date and the time the photo was taken. Donations are encouraged on the Mimi Foundation site.

Read more:

More info on the project here:

Monday, 3 March 2014

Lighting in Photography

Written Study Feedback

  • Include more example images from each photographer's body of work. There needs to be at least an image from each photographer after the introduction. You can even include a page of images from each body of work to demonstrate this.

  • Remember to analyse 2 images from EACH photographer. You can compare and contrast an image from each directly if you so wish
  • Include your experimentation at the end of your study that shows how you've been influenced by the photographers you've researched. 
  •  Make sure you ANALYSE the photographs. Don't just describe what you see, you need to analyse how the composition, camera techniques and lighting aid the concept and context of the work.