Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Learn from common mistakes in your new unit.

1) Constantly check the week by week schedule and ensure you keep up to date with tasks and reflection. When students get behind it limits them to push themselves and tasks become almost tick box, rather then excelling.

2) Ensure photographer research is informed by contextual research on the issue the body of work discusses to increase knowledge and sophistication of written work. 

3) Ensure reflection is critical, not descriptive and identifies any weakness and sets it as a target on the next shoot. Examiners do not just want to hear how happy you are with the shoot....every shoot. Reflection should also not be simply a log diary of what you did. This can occur but again it needs to be critical and show refinement. 

4) Some students on the last unit you were slow to begin shooting, ensure you hit the ground running and do not be afraid to experiment and learn from doing. Theres nothing worse than a rushed and under developed final piece. 

5) Students should ensure they have strong visual influences, consider lighting and project the intended concept in their work.

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