Monday, 27 January 2014

Antony Crossfield

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Foreign Body

This series of photographs, entitled ‘Foreign Body’, explore the relationship between the body and identity whilst also questioning traditional conceptions of corporeality and of the male nude.
In these pictures the body is presented as unstable, ambiguous, permeable, and lacking a singular coherent form. I depict the body not as a protective envelope that defines and unifies our limits, but rather, a place of interface between the subject and the other. The body’s boundaries are questioned and the closure and integrity of the self is placed in doubt.

Figures intersect, seeming to inhabit the same space rendering it unclear where one figure ends and another begins. This results in a kind of fragmentation and incoherence of the body leading to questions over the coherence of the self in relation to the body. The body is no longer the space that secures the idea of self, it is the domain where the self is contested and called into question.

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