Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sarah Garrett - Winner of the Arbury Rotary Young Photographer of the Year award

Lost by Sarah Garrett

 I have taken a series of photos based on people’s lives. I have called my body of work ‘Lost’ as the people I have photographed have all had a big part of their lives taken away from them. In my portraits I have created a concept of vulnerability and how people can seem happy and full of life but in reality they are hiding and masking away something that has truly hurt them; almost as though they don’t want it to be reality. The topics are very sensitive, which by looking at the subject’s you would not know what is suffocating and drowning out their emotions. I feel the lighting represents a contrast of how the same person can be living two lives: the one they portray and the one they feel.  

All entries will now go on exhibition at Bedworth Civic Hall.  Presentation of prizes is scheduled for next Friday 13 December at the Civic Hall.

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