Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ruby Thomas - Runner up of Arbury Rotary Young Photographer of the Year competition

Gender Roles by Ruby Thomas

Society is changing all the time; people are becoming more accepting of diversity and equality. So I wanted to show this within my photography. My mum’s partner Chris is quite manly and always does the hard labour around the house, and my mum is quite feminine and girly doing housework and keeping herself beautiful. I wanted to swap their roles around to show how society is more accepting of men being whoever they wish to be, and dress however they want to and how women are able to work, get their own education and become successful in a career as they could not many years ago due to society not seeing it as acceptable. Whereas today it is acceptable for men and women to be whoever they want to be.

This body of work is important to me as I feel people should be able to express themselves however they wish, without being judged by society. People should be whoever they want to be and feel happy about it.

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