Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Make My Night by Paul Smith

Following the success of Artists Rifles, Paul rejoined the discourse with the masculine identity in Make My Night. Ostensibly a record of a very laddish night out, Paul used a similar technical method to that of the previous series combined with the use of multiple self-portraits. As before, he becomes the anonymous everyman but this time is more overtly the narrator as well as the protagonist of a frequently observed ritual.

Governed by group approval and time honoured rites, a world of bravado and sexual tension vies with drunken frivolity and a certain vulnerability to occlude any notion of a new masculinity. From the preamble of high jinks and drinking games, to bar fights and stand offs through to its nauseous conclusion, each scene has been painstakingly researched and detailed.

Using the snapshot as a stylistic template, Paul employed an almost forensic approach to reproduce the variable quality that machine printing of pictures taken with a standard point and shoot camera generate in the hands of revellers; bleached out faces, over cropped subject matter or the slight blur of the finger over the lens, the hallmarks of an impromptu celebration.

More info: http://www.paulmsmith.co.uk/portfolio/make-my-night/make-my-night.html

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