Sunday, 13 October 2013

Landscape of Murder by photojournalist Antonio Olmos

For his project, Landscape of Murder, photojournalist Antonio Olmos set out to photograph the places where killings had occurred within London’s M25 orbital motorway. The idea came to him after he heard about a young woman who had been murdered a few streets from where he lives. Upon visiting the crime scene, he was struck by the normality of what he found. “Nothing about the place or the landscape suggested a murder had occurred,” he says. “Even people on the street seemed unaware. All these things led me to start exploring other murder sites.”
Shooting the images over a period of two years, Olmos, who was born in Mexico but has been based in London since the mid-1990s, photographed all over the capital and outside its borders. “If you think of London as a circle, with the M25 as the edge, most of the murders I documented happened on the east side of that circle. I started noticing that many were the result of domestic violence. I also noticed that many murders had happened in places that were quite banal – far from what people think of as London. I felt as if I was making an alternative portrait of the city.”

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