Sunday, 20 October 2013

Eleonora Ronconi - Once upon a time

Of all my memories of childhood, I most cherish the trips my father and grandfather made with me to amusement parks. As most kids of my generation, I was an avid reader, and I created stories full of intrepid characters and riveting adventures like those in Alice in Wonderland. These parks were the perfect place to bring this world of fantasy to life. Beneath the obvious, I could hear hidden voices that called from inside plastic creatures, sleeping giants waiting to be awakened for one more thrill.
As an adult, I began to revisit some of these parks, just after sundown, when tired families were heading home. Twilight evokes an ominous feel to these places and the absence of people opens a space for me to create my own stories, just like when I was a child. There is a stillness that allows me to bring back my memories. I feel the echoes of my childhood and my family, and, even though they are no longer physically here, their presence is still palpable. 
These photographs represent my past and my present. Not only do they remind me of fun and fantasy, but also of fear and uncertainty. The empty spaces remind me of what I have lost, but they also invite us for one last ride, one last adventure before the lights go out.

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