Saturday, 19 October 2013

A perspective of Light by Loy Chuan Photography Blog

WHEN THE LIGHT SHINES THROUGH – A perspective of Light » Loy Chuan Photography Blog

A great blog post from the photographer Loy Chuan about how to manipulate and use natural light to create great photographs, for more info go to her blog (link above):

"I decided to create this post as a result of my ever-increasing interest in natural lighting in photography. I always have an intense interest in studying the effects of light (and sometimes the resulting shadows). Understanding the behavior and characteristics of light is of paramount importance in the journey of photography. Light is regarded as the chief resource for any photographer, and many have constantly devote a lot of attention to the phenomenon of light and what it can do. Proper use of available light can help to create the mood I want for my pictures. Very often, they do amazing things to the photograph if used correctly. After all, photography means writing with light. From the relentless power of full sun to the beams that break through a canopy, this natural resource is right here for all of us to make use.
Recently, I consolidated a number of photographs taken in 2010/11 during my travels over Asia. A selection of the photographs is attached in this post. These are some associated photographs I considered to have achieved the mood that I wanted, simply by making use of available light to cast the attention on my subject. Most of the shots are taken indoor, where lighting condition is a huge challenge. I am constantly on the look out for beams of light that breaks through from the exterior. They usually tend to give a more dramatic and mysterious mood to the image. When light appears, a section of darkness fades away and true beauty shines through. I wish to capture this light and therefore the beauty within the scene. It is about the people, the look, and the spontaneous moments that we will never experience again."

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