Sunday, 22 September 2013

Night Photography

A great video, which follows a inspirational group who conduct shoots at night in the dessert. The group introduces you to night photography and its various processes. It defines what you can achieve by shooting at night and constructing your lighting conditions. The video demonstrates techniques you can consider when shooting at night such as light painting, use of shutter speeds and composition. These processes give the amateur photographer the chance to make their images take visual characteristics that are almost unreachable when shooting on quick shutter speeds, as without great knowledge and budgets for lighting it would not be possible.

Shooting at night is difficult, it takes patience, perseverance, planning and sometime luck to create spectacular images.

The second video, Painting with light, demonstrates the innovative approach of combining photoshop masking, with light painting, which in turn allows more than is possible in a single exposure to combine into one single image.


 Here is a more basic look at how you can use the light painting technique in order to capture still life objects. It is obviously more advisable to master this before going to light scenes.


 Finally a slightly odd video with a rock power ballad for background music demonstrates tips and hints of lighting still life images.


  Your task

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A2 Photography - Taryn Simon exhibition

For your summer project you should be considering how you promote and document it. Here is an example of how Taryn Simon produced material to promote and showcase her exhibition 'A Living Man declared dead and other chapters'

Taryn Simon's exhibition at the Tate Gallery

Her website:
Her artist statement:

A flyer from the exhibition:

A video of her explaining her work:

A2 Photography - Beat Streuli Exhibition

Another example of a photographers exhibition and all the material produced to document and promote it.

Beat Struelli at the Ikon Gallery 

An image documenting people at the exhibition:

Exhibition guide:


Reference Works exhibition at the New Birmingham Library

A2 students - we are planning a trip to see the Reference works exhibition at the new Birmingham Library. There are some great talks on before our planned visit (in october) - check them out here:

Over the last three years the acclaimed film maker, Michael Prince, has been shooting a documentary about the work of Brian Griffin. He accompanied him on a number of commission and exhibition projects, including his retrospective in Birmingham in 2010. Prince initially visited Birmingham to document Griffin’s portrait shoots for Reference Works in 2012. He returned in September to document the resulting exhibition.

More images from the four different photographers that are exhibiting their work:

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Natan Dvir - Coming soon

The first time I arrived in New York City was in 1997. Immediately the scale of the city struck me. The "American Dream" lay before me in architectural grandeur — the infinite crisscrossing streets and avenues and dizzying skyscrapers. But what surprised me even more were the numerous ads and billboards covering the city in a kaleidoscopic commercial net.
When I moved to New York in 2008, this net seemed to become even bigger. The urban landscape had morphed into an unending web of huge advertisements covering every facade of the city center.
"Coming Soon" is an exploration of this contemporary landscape through a series of juxtapositions photographed on the streets of New York City.

Has consumerism grown into a new religion where large images of ideal models are actually the idols being worshiped? I wish to examine the relationship between the imposed alternative reality and the people that pass through it.
— Natan Dvir