Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Gregory Crewdson - Beneath the Roses

Crewdson is one of the most talked about photographers of the last ten years. Here is an extract from a article in the Guardian which comments on his body of work. There is a lot written about this work from various different sources which is well worth exploring. See links for some more recommended reading and look through the student work for a couple of student essays on his conceptual and technical practice.

Commentators always bring up the fact that Crewdson's father was a psychoanalyst, and that the artist always wondered what went on in the basement office of the family's Brooklyn brownstone. The kids were told that if they passed a patient they recognised in the street, they should pretend not to know them. His father once took young Gregory, a boy of 10, to a Diane Arbus show, and never told him why. Crewdson's interest in the unhinged and inexplicable is compelling, but comes across too often as theatrical and strained, as in Victorian paintings. If Crewdson's images sometimes have the quality of primal scenes and traumas, they are also like half-remembered scenes from movies, which the mind has both embellished and incorporated into autobiography, as if these witnessed fictions had become part of one's own life.

Guardian article - here

Aperture interview here

Finally a trailer for a Documentary film about Crewdson's work

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