Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Stretch and challenge form

A0 Boxes WJEC say…

What candidates have written in boxes beneath A0 headings will show how thoroughly they understand the AO’s and how well they have planned their responses to them.

Contextual understanding – Briefly- state who you researched and describe what their concepts are and how it will inform your idea/exam question you have chosen.You must evidence how your contextual/conceptual research is focused.

Creative making – How have you considered, experimented and refined your use of camera, lighting and post production. Describe your process throughout shoots and give examples of refinement.

Reflection – Discuss project intentions briefly and how reflection helped refine your work. Give one past example of a fault you noticed when analysing your work which you did not realise when shooting that you put right next time. You may wish to mention how your intentions have not changed but your medium has.

Personnel Presentation – How will your work meet your intentions? What is your presentation plan and why?

Stretch and challenge box- How did you stretch and challenged your approach to this unit in-particular   This work should be the best work you have completed.

 For example you may wish to mention how you have applied contextual information to your artist research to inform your conceptual knowledge and enrich your own project.
How will you advanced your use of camera/lighting/editing and shoot preparations/planning. 
How have you increased your presentation ideas to enhance audience engagement.

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