Friday, 8 March 2013

David Stewart - Teenage pre-occupation

The series explores different aspects of a teenage years. Teenagers are wrapped up in there own world and unaware of what the outside think and I thought it was worth documenting this from my point of view. We all remember things from our teenage years and some of the situations in the images will remind people of their own teenager past. The world is changing very fast at the moment and it will only be a few years before these images seem out of date due to fashion and technology.

Interviewer;Vibrant culture and the important role they play in society: Place, space and territory; groups and individuals; rebellion and responsibility; and boys, girls, sexuality and growing up … Tell me more about the images! Without following the normal documentary style that most photography of youth takes it was my intention to present my observations from the outside. Sometimes it is just small details of what Teenagers do and how they appear.
DS: When photographed all these details they become more visible, the teenagers in the images think they are just getting on with there normal lives but from the outside it can seem more surreal. Subject matter covered includes isolation, boredom, waiting, fashion, learning, eating, posing, gaming, socialising, antisocial, playing.

Interviewer: What are you keep to the London punk rock (I think your friendship with the Clash and the Ramones) and to 1970s/1980s underground culture? 
DSWhen I first started taking pictures it was during the late 70′s punk era and at the time I was taking pictures at gigs mainly in the north ofEnglandand so the bands at that time were the punk bands. It was this that started my interest in photography as a career. I have recently been archiving the images from this time which were all shot on 35mm transparency film.

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