Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Challenging stereotypes - Steve McCurry photographs models

Steve McCurry made his name documenting Afghanistan in the early 1980s, having smuggled himself into the country by growing a beard and wearing traditional dress. The American's photograph of Sharbat Gula, a teenage Afghan refugee with vivid, haunted green eyes, became one of the most famous images in 20th-century photography after featuring on the cover of National Geographic. Describing himself as a "street photographer doing found situations", the 62-year-old McCurry has since travelled and worked in places such as Beirut, Baluchistan, Cambodia, India and Japan. So how did he wind up with 11 of the world's leading models, shooting a Pirelli calendar?
"Well, I certainly didn't think of myself as an obvious choice," McCurry admits. "I'm not a fashion photographer. But Pirelli said they wanted me to do it my way, in my style."
The result is an act of homage to a city and a country that Pirelli recognises as one of its most important future markets. "You can photograph nudes anywhere," says McCurry. "But these models are clothed, and each of them has her own charity. They are purposeful and idealistic people. I wanted to photograph them in a special place, and Rio was perfect for that."
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