Sunday, 10 March 2013

Alma Haser - Cosmic Surgery

If we lived in a universe where space could be flattened and folded to create a new dimension, our faces might look like those in Alma Haser's portrait series, Cosmic Surgery.

She does this by superimposing folded origami structures over original same-size photo portraits — taking 3D to 2D via photography, and then back to 3D with origami, only to be reduced one last time to a 2D image of an image, albeit with a trompe l'oeil 3D illusionist effect...These disquieting "portraits" bring to mind cubist and surreal art as well as bug-like multiple vision and kaleidoscopes.One unexpected side effect, for me, is that suddenly details in each photograph become increasingly important and integral to the success of the images as a whole. So, I notice the scruff of hair on the back of a neck, or the weave of a sweater, the general posture of the sitters, the hint of tattoo peeking out from a lacey blouse.— Jim Casper

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