Monday, 18 March 2013

Ali Mobasser and Russell Weekes - Products through the ages

From bathing suits to bikinis, ear trumpets to implants: Products Through The Ages, a photography project by Ali Mobasser and Russell Weekes, tracks the evolution of everyday objects from the 1900s to today, and in the process opens a window on items with which we interact on a daily basis.

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Compiled and executed by the photographer Ali Mobasser and the graphic designer Russell Weekes, each photograph reveals a product that was chosen not necessarily as an example of design virtuosity, or even for being useful, but because it was considered to be typical in a particular decade since 1900. Many of the objects were found in private collections and photographed in their owners' homes, garages or sheds. Others proved more elusive, and had to be tracked down elsewhere, often on eBay. Each one offers a glimpse of our design and social history, and collectively they demonstrate the diverse ways in which design touches our lives: how we feel, what we do, how we look and whether or not we achieve our goals.

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