Sunday, 10 February 2013

Gaelle Abravanel- Epiphanie

Word of Greek origin (Epiphaneia) which means "manifestation" or "appearance" of the verb (phaino), "arise, appear to be obvious."
In a world where everything goes through the image, where everything becomes increasingly virtual, what else you about the man, his flesh, his feelings, his emotions?
This series "EPIPHANY" is a project that is built closer to my own story in order to have access to a register of sensations, images, perceptions.
The series seeks to dig around the idea of the double, the intimate and ambivalent relationship between the different parts of the being, between opposing emotions in my own intimate mapping.
It also explores through a device images that function as an allegory, the idea of the fault, and finally vacuum epiphany.
This autobiographical work is networking different photographs to bring about the narrative possibilities of an inner world.
Photographs fit together as a collection of fragments of a chaotic reality that seeks its equilibrium to form a unique history, geography unstable mental worked in depth with the notion of epiphany.
Visually, I use a variety of techniques (cutting, photo burnt, crumpled ...) to make visible the identity games and contrast as well as the diversity of emotions.


Interference, (INTERFERENCE)
Feminine name (English interference)
/ Dating, combining two sets of distinct phenomena.
This series is a visual research that plays with the limits of vision by showing an "in-between".
It is the interaction between reality and what I call "barriers of vision" receptacles of light reflecting another reality.
This "in-between" alters reality and at the same time reveals another that seems unreal.
The photographs are like notches in which the observer has the feeling of looking through a window as a metaphor for painting.


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