Thursday, 14 February 2013

America by car - Lee Friedlander

Great article by The British Journal of Photography on the context and concept behind Lee Friedlanders body of work 'america by car'.

In a 2002 interview, Friedlander explained, “When you take a picture you haven’t a clue that it is going to be what it is.  Maybe you have a clue, but you don’t really know.  There are too many possibilities. Part of the game, at least to me, is how many balls you can juggle.  When you are 12, you can juggle two. Maybe when you are 50, you can juggle five. That is an interesting concept to me: how much I can put in and still make it pull together?” 

Friedlander is renowned for his ability to create ingenious visual puzzles that compellingly collapse three-dimensional space into two dimensions, simultaneously accomplishing the aesthetic intentions of Cubism and the multi-layered referencing of Pop Art collage, but through the power of photographic observation alone.

 America by Car invites us to ride shotgun alongside Lee Friedlander as the legendary photographer takes a road trip through contemporary America for his latest, recently completed project.

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