Monday, 27 August 2012

Painting with light examples

Here is the shot of the flowers on auto. Note they are placed on a black table with a black background. If you don't use black in the background everything becomes more complicated and difficult, so just make sure you do.

The set up

On the second image a 30 second shutter speed has been used to give us enough time to light the flowers how we wish and not have to rush it. The room is literally pitch black without our light source. The light source I have used here is the flash on a i Phone and either the blue or red flash on a holga camera. Before you begin your long exposure turn a large light source on and auto focus the camera on your subject. Ensure you then turn the camera to manual focus before you begin your long exposure. If you do not do this the camera will try and focus whilst the lights are off and of course it won't be able to.

slightly underexposed

After reviewing the first image I felt it was some what underexposed. Therefore I made sure I used more light to paint the flowers. You don't want to have the light on too much though. Out of the 30 seconds exposure you probably want the light on for around 15-20 seconds. Remember to keep putting the light on and turning it off again before you move it to paint a different area.

Nice exposure

Set your I.S.O low to ensure you do not gain any noise or grain. Set your aperture to F22 so everything is in focus and the cameras opening is narrow.

over exposed/motion blur

If you do move your light source whilst it is turned on or facing the camera you will get this type of effect. This can be great sometimes but not always desired.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

3 point umbrella lighting

A video which explains the effect of 3 point soft lighting with umbrella lights and most interestingly discusses placement of lights in location to subjects.

A video which explains white balance to light

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Les amants reguliers by Philippe Garrel

Here are some stills from the film "Les amants reguliers" The film is shot in a very D.I.Y format with hand held camera work and lighting set by lighting equipment found around the house, regular lamps and so forth. Its visual style contains a element of nouvelle vague which pays homage to the narrative of 1960s bohemia. What I really like about the visuals of the film is the low key light and high contrast. Where some staged narrative photography seems inspirational but somewhat out of reach due to the equipment being used, the lighting techniques used by Philippe Garrel for "Les am ants reguliers" (Regular Lovers) seems achievable, extremely stylised and attractive.

Les amants reguliers

Les amants reguliers

Les amants reguliers

Les amants reguliers

Les amants reguliers

Les amants reguliers

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dan Dubowitz - Wastelands

Dan Dubowitz loves to travel the world in search of abandoned, decaying buildings, which are usually gasping their last breath before being demolished to make way for something new — or merely rotting away. He finds beauty in many of these spaces, and he documents them lovingly with his medium-format camera. This body of work is relevant to our time and our location. Many grand old buildings are knocked down or simply boarded up and contained rather than renovated due to cost. This body of work explores these spaces and finds that shabby chic appeal that many people seem attracted to. the interesting question is why are we attracted to that look that fetches large prices for furniture and art, are we board of the modern, the sleek, the plastic? Do we long for character and history?