Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Monday, 25 June 2012

Student examples of HDR file editing

Jade Whale Whitmore

Chloe Ennis

Josh Sanderson Bull

Rachel lovat

Chanel Darker

This is what happens to a HDR image if you move your tripod. If your after a experimental multiple exposure type images this may be something you want to experiment.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Max de Esteban’s new monograph, Elegies of Manumission, presents contemporary portraiture imbued with romantic old-world lighting. The portraits serve as jumping-off points to explore intellectual and philosophical musings about identity and image amidst the political, social, economic and spiritual challenges of today's world.

The book is composed of three chapters, each with its own theme.

The writing is heady stuff; the photographs are simple, straightforward and beautiful; the characters are believable people who are attempting to live their lives according to individual codes on the fringes, or outside the mainstream — and we are inclined to try to de-code their inner personalities from the ways they present themselves externally. It's a luscious and thought-provoking book.

 The works links to all the common conventions of the portrait genre. The clothes reflect the personality that is meant to stand and reflect the outside of society. The photographer has spent along time with each subject when shooting to ensure they are comfortable, relaxed and can reflect their personality. The image wont come at the beginning of a intimate shoot like this one, it may take a while and is down to the photographer and their interpersonal skills as much as the camera and lighting.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

What to expect from A2 Level Photography (WJEC)

The A Level specification builds on AS allowing for greater depth of study, achieved by, for example: greater specialisation in a particular medium or process, extended development of particular themes, ideas or issues; further theoretical research and increased requirement to demonstrate understanding through integrated practical and written forms and other communication devices; more rigorous exploration.

Candidates must communicate their understanding through integrated images and text that includes a written element of no less than 1000 words.
A written essay as a ‘bolt on’ activity will not score highly within this unit.

A2 units will convincingly differentiate from AS as candidates develop and mature, encouraging greater individuality and personal responsibility for their own learning.
Therefore, it is expected that candidates will accomplish improved standards of work, underpinned by strong personal responses.

Candidates should show:
• Progressive independence and self-direction
• A breadth of knowledge, understanding and skills
• Sketchbook(s), Personal Reflective Diary(ies) and or/collections
of relevant research materials.
• critical awareness providing reflection and evaluation of:
• historical, cultural, social, artistic, aesthetic,

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Melodie Rouland - Lily

Really nice ambient and experimental video by Melodie Rouland. The video mixes narrow depth of field video footage with stop frame animation to create this pure yet creepy feel. The video entitled Lily also uses low opacities, cross dissolve transitions and light leaks/flares to give it the expressive and almost sensitive and fragile feel. For more works from Rouland visit her website.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ellie Davies Facebooks 21rdh

Landscape Photographer Ellie Davies who has taken lovely Goldsworthy esc images shared the blog address on her facebook page.

 Ellie got the name wrong, 21 rue "do"la huchette rather than 21 rue de la huchette but who cares. The positive is that hugely talented practicing photographers seem to be using the blog which is great. "like" her facebook page, link is below. It contains interesting insights into exhibitions her work is involved in and on set images of her construction methods.

Prospectus Task