Sunday, 18 March 2012

How to reflecting on a photoshoot

REF1.Firstly title the page, and include a contact sheet of the shoot. Tick your favorite images.

REF2.Secondly give a general paragraph reflecting and explaining how the shoot went. Are you overall quite happy with it? Where was the shoot? Who did you work with? Have any new ideas/directions occurred as a result? Did you have any major problems? For example the lighting was not what you were expecting.

REF3.Print the images you have ticked, around 3 per page. Then go through the shots and compliment what has really worked and criticize the improvements. Use these categories to help you;

Visibility of concept, Composition, Camera tech, Genre, Lighting, Vantage point, Framing, Shot types.

REF4. Conclusion. What are you going to do next shoot? What do you need to put right to help complete this body of work? What are your targets for the next shoot.

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