Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Jake Lovric discusses the similarities of Livingston and Richards work.

Emma Livingston- Urban Trees, Eugene Richards- Cocaine True, Cocaine blue.

Emma Livingston’s concept of urban trees is expressing and discussing how an environment restricts and manipulates the growth of trees. For example if a tree is growing in a urban environment then surely the tree will not grow to be as prosperous as a rural and natural one. With this in mind, Livingston’s work is not about trees. This is a metaphor for human life. It highlights how we as humans can be restricted and trapped by the environment we grow in. It discusses the issue that no one is born “bad” or good they are shaped by the society they are brought up in.

This could link to the documentary project cocaine true cocaine blue by Ugine Richards. Richards takes photos of the under class in Brooklyn. He shows them taking drugs, committing crime and most of all living in poverty. It is highly unlikely a child growing up in that environment of drug takers and poverty will become someone with a well paid job and highly educated, in comparison to a middle class child living in suburbia. This is like the trees, grown in a restricted area they cannot grow to there full potential and a length of a normal tree, because they are in this restricting environment.

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