Sunday, 18 March 2012

How to create a contact sheet

1. Get a file on the desktop with all the images you want to have on your contact sheet.

2. Open Photoshop

3. Click,  File-Automate-Contact Sheet

4. A new window will appear

5. In the top box (source images) click Choose and then select your image folder from the desktop

6. In the second box of the window ensure your units is in cm's and Width is 27 and height 19, this for a landscape piece of A4. If you want portrait just reverse these to Width 19 and height 27.

7. Change the resolution to 96 pixels/cm

8. Ensure- Flattern All Layers button is ticked

9. In the Thumbnails box ensure columns is 5 and rows are 6

10. Lastly change the font size in the last box to 10pt

11. Finally click OK and photoshop does all the work for you.

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