Thursday, 1 March 2012

How to conduct a photographic technique analysis?

How to conduct a photographic technique analysis

Identify and justify.

Do not simply say, “This image has used a quick shutter speed or this image has a narrow F-stop” That is simply identifying. After you have identified you must must must justify.  So Secondly describe what clues there are in the image that would explain why you have suggested what you have done and thirdly say why have the photographers done it.

Shutter speed, Aperture, I.S.O, White Balance

How to identify and do this would be, for example, your subject is moving yet there is no blur. This means a quick shutter speed has to have been used by the photographer. So a result of this is if there is a quick shutter speed not much light has got into the camera, so the aperture hole must be wide (f/5) or the I.S.O high and sensitive(1600+). So we now must decide which way the light has been capture by the camera. Think what is the depth of field? Is it all in focus? Or is one part in focus? That gives you the aperture setting. So for example, if everything is in focus the aperture opening will be narrow, f/22. So the light hasn’t been captured via the aperture opening. So it must be the I.S.O.  A clue to back this up would be grain and noise on the image. If you can find clues in the image to discover the aperture or shutter speed, everything else will follow suit. There will always be a clue. Do not forget to write why it is important. Discuss the interactions

Vantage point/ Shot type

Vantage point, what level/height and angle is the photographer standing and pointing their camera. How could this influence an audience’s impression of the subject?


Is the lighting natural or staged? What effect does this have upon the work? Could it influence the audience or simply help highlight the concept and show the photographers intentions?

Post Production
Is there anything within the image you believe has been created after the image was taken? Any photoshop techniques? Filters? How does this help the photographers intentions/concept come across.

What will you now be influence by and draw upon when creating your own work?

So you have now looked at and analysed in a detail fashion a photographer/artists work who have a similar concept to your own. Write what you will take from their work. It maybe you have realized a camera tech tip. It may be important to use a quick shutter speed on a certain location, explain why? It may be an idea of how to turn your ideas in to visuals. It could be the use of a metaphor.  Ensure you cover camera tech, lighting and concept influence. 

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