Friday, 9 March 2012

Guardian photo club- Photographing reflections

We start with 'IKEA meets Vasarely' which uses the reflection of an Ikea lamp against glass to take the subjects out of context. This is seen again in '2', although the angle seems awkward. '3' shows the spire of the iconic St Pauls church in London dissected by a window of a bus, it works well. The glass dulls the colours and the composition is stunning. In '4' the use of text is distracting, perhaps you could've blurred this a bit more by using a shorter depth of field. The last two, photographed in black and white, show more buildings with reflections in the glass. '5' is more successful than '6', but this portfolio seems to lack a general theme linking the images together - and using black and white together with colour hasn't helped this. Each of the images in the set need to be as strong in composition as '3'

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