Monday, 20 January 2014

A2 Photography ART3 - What are my intentions?

In this task we must demonstrate what we intend(ed) to produce for this module.

A01 Contextual Understanding
Why did I choose this theme/concept? Is there anything personal to my life involved?

What concept possibilities sprang to mind? (Use your brainstorm as a reminder)

How will I assist and explore my idea further? Firstly discuss the 2 research artists you have chose and briefly explain how they link to and will improve your concept/technique? Also discuss any specialist/contextual research you will conduct that informs your concept outside of photography?

A02 Creative Making
What techniques, medium or style do you hope to use? How would these techniques help explain and show your concept? (studio, DSLR, Low mo, Cubism, double exposure, Photoshop editing, photocopying, use of lighting)
What genre will you shoot in? Why is that appropriate? (Briefly discuss the conventions you conform to)

A04 Personal Presentation
How do I plan to present my final piece of work? (online) Will I use Music? a slideshow? Duplets, triplets? Or still images with a written piece? Captions/information for each image?

Discuss what is the best way/method to reflect your concept? 

Do not worry if you do not exactly follow this plan. Remember this is just your intentions not an exact plan. Once you have completed this unit you will explain any changes in your final evaluation and during reflection throughout.

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