Thursday, 1 March 2012

A2 how to Research for ART2

A2 Research checklist

The whole point of conducting this research is so it enriches your own work. It should give you ideas for your concept and how to visualise a concept for example how to turn ideas into images. It should give you ideas in camera tech and postproduction editing. Try and pick artists with plenty of writing and information on them.

Specialist Research

Pick 2 major influences for your project.

At least a double page spread on each influence. It might be two double page spreads on each artist?

How to complete the research task

1)Artist Name- Body of work title, top of the page.

2)What is the concept sub heading. What is the goal of the body of work? Why has it been made? (Think how did we answer this for Nadav Kander? How much detail did we discus, was his work about a river? Is Emma Livingston’s works about trees?)

3)Point out and describe how this concept is visible in one or 2 cleverly selected images. Describe everything in the image and link this to the aim of the work. What is the photographer trying to do? How does that specific image to this? (Use arrows)

4) Photographic technique analysis; Discuss the medium/camera tech/post production techniques. This could be written around one images in the middle of the page, with lots of arrows and small sections of text.

5) Write what specific aspects of the work you are influenced by and what are you are now going to try and put into your own work. It may be a visual technique, a certain vantage point, lighting, use of shutter speed or concept visualisation.

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