Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nadav Kander- Yangtze-The Long river

1.What are the goals/concept of Kander’s work?.
2.What were Kander’s Influences outside of photography?
3.Should your work dictate a message to an audience?
4.What advice does Kander have about how to document issues within a location?
5.Is Kander’s work about a river?
6. What does Kander's work share with Emma Livingston; Urban Trees?

Below is a video of Kander discussing the process he went through to create a body of work surrounding the Yangtze river which flows throughout China. Kander discusses if the body of work is actually about a River or has the Yangtze been used to reflect the constant and often rapid change that China finds itself in.

He also discusses not making work obvious or dictating your concept to the audience. He believes your images should allow an audience room and space for them to make up their own minds and read it and draw their own conclusions.

If you are producing work on and about a location, firstly stop and think and summarise what is going on there?what are the issues? and then secondly think, OK, what can I show visually that highlights that. It also interestingly highlights how a projects ideas and goals can change whilst in construction and whilst on location.

Kander's work has 3 main goals. 1. It highlights the rapid change occurring in China that is loosing the locations identity and history 2. The huge amount of migrant workers that experience huge poverty,that  do not live, simple exist. 3. To show China in a different way, a way that stays well away from the western metropolis business cities, which are often beamed to us here in the western world which can often mis represent the Chinese population as something that it is not.

So is Kander's work about a River? Well no not really. A river is a metaphor for constant change, a river moves, a river flows, it is rarely still and always moves on. This is what Kander has discovered in happening in China and the paradigm is perfect.

This video was found on the Lens Culture Facebook page and can also be found on Lens Culture, Conversations with Photographers. All text by Chris Timothy. Links to Assingments; Inside outside.
Nadav Kander: "Yangtze — The Long River" from Jim Casper on Vimeo.

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