Thursday, 2 February 2012

Books available in the Library

In this section you will find a list of the photography books available to borrow in the library. The section will also contain brief information of what is included within the books.

David La Chapelle, "From Heaven to Hell" 

Includes Staged Narrative photography and extravagant staged portrait images.  

"Genius of Photography"

A great book for searching for a new photographer as it has such a variety and great to for learning about their practice.

"Martin Parr, Last Resort"

Martin Parr, Last Resort, Full body of work on display with a written essay which explains in detail concept and creative process. Documentary/Street photography.

"Gregory Crewdson 1985-2005"
Gregory Crewdson 1985-2005, contains 3 bodies of work. But the book is sectioned and chronicled to ensure work is not randomly presented and confused. Essay present to explain concept and creative making. Staged Narrative photography.

"Stephen Shaw, Uncommon Places"

Stephen Shaw, Uncommon Places. The book includes great quality prints, with a detailed essay to explain the process of a road trip; where the photos were taken, details of what equipment was used and concept. Mainly Landscape images with some portraits.

"Robert Frank- The Americans"

This particular release follows Franks journey around America as he depicts "The Americans" A combination of street and portrait photography reveals this class photography body of work.

"Karl Blossfeldt; Complete Published Work"

German photography pioneer Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) photographed plants so beautifully, and with such originality, that his work transcends the medium itself. Over more than 30 years, he took thousands of photographs, revealing a formally rigorous talent whose precision and dedication bridge the nineteenth and twentieth century worlds of image making and bring a distinctly sculptural aspect to a firmly two-dimensional art form. Beautifully but starkly composed against plain cardboard backgrounds, Blossfeldt's images, relying on a northern light for their sense of volume, reveal nothing of the man but everything of themselves. They are still-lifes, piercingly final statements on their subject, and have endured owing to their technical brilliance and the ongoing fascination of students and photographers. Like their maker, they are quietly and lastingly effective.

"150 photograhic projects for art students"

"150 photograhic projects for art students"

This book presents 150 projects to help student photographers and art students develop their photographic skills. The book particularly focuses on helping students develop their own visual language, personal style and how to express themselves clearly and with confidence. There is also guidance in preparing portfolios. The result is a clear, highly illustrated guide to helping students become better photographers.

"Fashion and Advertising"

 The World s Top Photographers Workshops is a new series that pairs in-depth, practical advice with stunning images and personal tips from the world s acknowledged masters. Each title brings together the work of prominent professional photographers and pools their accumulated knowledge, focusing specifically on the fundamental technical aspects of photography lighting, composition, colour, tone and imaging. Fashion and Advertising offers hardworking, incisive and comprehensive advice on all aspects of the genre. Image portfolios combined with the photographers comments on what has influenced their signature styles introduce readers to the aesthetics of fashion and advertising photography. Tips and hints pass on hard-won knowledge in a simple form.

Mario Testino; Any Objections?

First book by Mario Testino, a major star and one of photography's shrewdest eyes
Contains provocative and unexpected images that brilliantly illuminate Testino's vision and sense of the absurd
Explores such diverse subjects as fashion and the gutter, nature and artifice, high and low life, and includes faces of the famous, bodies of the beautiful, landscapes and cities, close friends and extraordinary passers-by
An insight into the raw material of fashion where a glimpse of life from a street in Tangier can be the inspiration for a fashion story in New York
Features full-page photographs that provoke diverse reactions: from shock to amusement and from surprise to delight

"125 magazine"

We have a subscription to 125 magazine within the library. This is a quarterly publication which houses and promotes photography and allows anyone to apply to appear within the magazine. 

"The Photography Book"

The concept for this book is simple: 500 photographers, 500 pages. Arranged alphabetically, each of the photographers--from contemporary Dutch cameraman Hans Aarsman to mid-century New York shutterbug James Van Der Zee--gets a full, oversized page. On it is a large, expertly reproduced image and a concise caption packed with information about the photographer and his or her work.

"Richard Avedon: Performance"

Performance" sizzles with the electric charge that passes between a great photographer and an incandescent artist when they share a purpose and a passion. The photographer Richard Avedon had, in his own words, 'a passion for high-definition performance and a faith in the religion of perpetual acceleration'. Or, as critic John Lahr says of Avedon, 'He was ravished by the articulate energy of great performers'. The preeminent stars and artists of the performing arts from the second half of the twentieth century offered Avedon their greatest gifts - and, sometimes, their inner lives.More than two hundred of them are portrayed in "Performance", many in photographs that have rarely or never been seen before. Of course, the great stars light the way: Hepburn and Chaplin, Monroe and Garland, Brando and Sinatra. But here too are the actors and comedians, pop stars and divas, musicians and dancers, artists in all mediums with public lives that were and are essentially performances. The celebrated author and critic John Lahr offers an elegant assessment of Avedon's achievement. Four supremely talented artists from the performing arts - Mike Nichols, Andre Gregory, Mitsuko Uchida and Twyla Tharp - contribute lively and moving memoirs about their collaborations with Avedon. Finally, "Performance" is a remarkable achievement in book-making, from its innovative portfolio binding to the superb quality of its printing.

"Photoshop CS3: classroom in a book"

This thorough, self-paced guide to Adobe Photoshop CS3--written by the experts at Adobe Systems' is ideal for beginning users who want to learn key Photoshop concepts and techniques, while readers who already have some experience with Photoshop can use this book to learn Photoshop CS3's more advanced features and newest tools. Using clear, step-by-step, project-based lessons, each chapter walks readers through the creation of a specific project, with each chapter building on the reader's growing knowledge of the program, while review questions at the end of each chapter reinforce the skills learned in each lesson.

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