Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Specialising; the info you need for your 2 body of work ideas

Now Pick two of your ideas to develop further

(Title) Idea 1/Idea 2 further development
For each, tell me why you have chosen to work in that particular genre, how does it suit your concept? What conventions in that genre do you like or maybe skilled at?
How it works to your strengths, talk about what you have discovered/learnt when shooting each genre?
Tell me what photographers you have looked at that have inspired any aspect of this particular idea and tell me how they have? Conceptually/Creative Making
Give a further description of the concept in more detail
Discuss plans for creating the images, any particular image ideas (maybe draw them)
Discuss Feasibility  issues?
Medium discussion, what techniques you will use to create the work, any editing?
How does the medium reflect the concept
Use images to help your explanations and show inspirations and to make the page attractive. Remember its not simply a piece of written work.  

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