Friday, 13 January 2012

Sketch Book Help-How to perform a Textual Analysis on a photographers work

Evaluating a Photographers work
It is very important to evaluate and analyse the work of your chosen photographer rigorously, not only to achieve good marks under AO1 but also to help you to build a greater insight into and understanding of their work and the motives behind it.
Use the prompts below to guide you in this process. Your analysis must flow grammatically as one piece of written work and cannot be simply brief and direct responses to the questions.
A Guide to evaluating a Photograph:  Content, Form, Process and Mood
Content - looking at the subject of the photograph
Where and when was it taken?
What has the photographer called the photograph?
Does the title change the way we see the photograph? Is there an artist’s statement?
What is it? What is it about? What is happening?
What do you think that the relationship between the photographer and subject/s is?
What does the photograph represent/is it conceptual?
Is it a realistic depiction or staged to make a point?
Have any parts been exaggerated or distorted conceptually or physically? If so, why?
What is the theme of the photograph?
What message does the photograph communicate?

Form - looking at the formal elements
Colour -Is the photograph in colour or black and white? How does this affect the mood?
Tone -Is the photograph high or low contrast? How and why?
Line -What sorts of lines are there in the photograph? How have they been positioned in relation to the rest of the composition? What effect does this have?
Camera Angles -What sorts of Angles are used in the image? Do they project a mood to the audience?
Framing- What shot types have been used? Does this help explain the concept/mood?

Process - how the photograph has been taken, developed/manipulated and printed
Was the photograph taken inside or outside?
What time of day?
How was it lit? How many light sources can you make out? Has light been used to express an emotion/concept
What materials/camera settings/tools have been used? Is this for conceptual or just physical reasons?
Has the photograph been manipulated or distorted in any way? How and why?

Mood - looking at the communication of moods and feeling
How does the photograph make you feel?Why do you think you feel like this?
Does the colour, texture, form or theme of the photograph affect your mood? How and why?

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