Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Final Help Sheet

A01 Research/Analysing and Evaluating

In Genre Overview you have to write a detailed description of the conventions/common aims of the genre.
Then prove you can identify those conventions in the images you have stuck in. Once you have done this discuss how those conventions contribute to the concept of the image. Try and make sure you have the photographers name and body of work title.

In Photographer Analysis ensure you have the photographers name and body of work name in the title at the top of the page.
Discuss the meaning behind the work, why did it take place? To show or discuss what? Ensure you research! (this should not be purely guess work)
Identify genre conventions in the images you have chosen and discuss how that particular image gives clues or portrays the concept of the whole body of work.
Choose one image to speculate/identify the camera tech, vantage point, composition/TABLES and camera angles/shots. (Analysis of Photographic Techniques)

In Construction Techniques you need to write up how I.S.O, Aperture and Shutter Speed can effect a image and when photographers may wish to use these certain settings. Also Justify why you might use certain camera angles or shot types.

A02 Creative Making/Exploring techniques

Take appropriate images to show how I.S.O, Aperture and Shutter Speed  can change and effect an image. Do the same for angles/shot types. For extra marks take your own images for composition and lighting. Remember these are marked be creative take attractive and creative images. 

For genre photos, go out and explore, try your hand at the genre. Once completed and stuck in the SketchBook, explain how you have applied the genre conventions to your own images and discuss briefly what is the concept/meaning of the images you have taken. Like all your own images reflect on camera tech and composition. (4-6 images is enough)

Post Production techniques. Ensure you have experimented with the various post production techniques and reflected on how you created the piece and the success or failure of the process. Also speculate on how you might use this technique in the future, bring in to your own project.

A03 Specialising

Seperate from creative making and research with a Specialising title page.

Create a brainstorm giving six possible concept ideas. Include small influence images for each idea.
Follow instructions for developing 2 ideas further. (blog, Under resources label)

Begin to take test shots for the 2 ideas, constantly reflecting on composition, camera tech, genre conventions and the visibility of your concept.

Pull in specialist research into your sketchbook from inside and outside of photography to strength concept ideas and image ideas, ensure this helps develop your concept and visual work and you point out how. Reflection needed to allow the moderator to understand this.

Ensure you demonstrate how what you have learnt on A01 and A02 has made its way into your own work. A good way of doing this is by completing annotations around test shows and final images stating this. Again, composition understanding, camera tech research and practice, concept influence and research and genre understanding.

A04 Final Piece/Body of work

Present your conceptual Body of work

Provide a in depth concept description

Ensure you have handed in the final images in digital format as well as presented them in your Sketch Book

Presentation/Final Tips

-No Gaps/Blank Space
-All Pages Titled clearly
-Final Page is images presented
-No empty pages
-No loose paper in book
-Add notes throughout your sketchbook speculating and recording certain processes you have enjoyed or you believe have gone well that you may wish to take on in a final piece.


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