Monday, 14 November 2011

Sketch Book Help

Photography ART1


Staged Narrative                  

1, Each Genre must be explored with a genre overview, which discusses genre conventions and characteristics. These genre conventions must be applied to images with a description to explain why they are used. (if applicable)
2, An conceptual Body of work must be chosen for each genre and studied and discussed. Conceptual information researched and applied to chosen images. This will be backed up with descriptions and justifications of visual conventions within the images that help portray this concept. This proves understanding of the concept and ability to analyse. Students can also apply the original genre conventions to the conceptual bodies of work.  
3, Lastly in the genre section of the Sketch Books, students will include their own genre specific images and discuss concept and genre conventions. This will be accompanied by a personal reflection on how successful they believe their attempt to shoot in this genre was. Visual conventions should be discussed and critiqued also. (e.g. mis en scene, composition, lighting)

Creative Making
Saturation and contrast                  
Hard, Soft and Low Key Lighting                  
Low Mo/Fi
Shot Types/Angles                  
I.S.O, Aperture, Shutter Speed
White Balance                  
3 point Lighting

Students should experiment and learn how and when to use these various creative techniques. Reflection should be considered for all. How well have their own attempts gone? How could it improve? A description of how these processes are created/used should also be logged. All students own work is considered in the marking of Sketch Books.


Now students understand genre, concept and creative making, they will begin to plan and capture their own conceptual bodies of work. A genre and concept will be researched and planned. Students will be involved in critiques of one another’s work to help develop visual and conceptual quality. Creative Making should reflect concept and all images consider and apply composition, correct camera Tech and lighting. All students’ final work will be accompanied with an artist’s statement, which discusses concept.

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