Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lens Culture, a collection of conceptual photography

One of the widest selections of conceptual photographers and their bodies of work in one place on the whole internet. Lens culture gives conceptual description and a slideshow of the work for each photographer it presents. Unfortunately the photographers are not organised into genre or other forms of categorisation so you have to navigate the huge list of photographers with a little bit of a lucky tip policy. Lens culture also contains interviews and audio descriptions.

Friday, 21 October 2011

A website to find out information on specific bodies of work


A club connected to Coventry University which discusses conceptual bodies of work from a variety of photographers. Huge amounts of information written by reliable contributors. Click on reading list to see what bodies of work have been reviewed thus far.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Alex Currie- Degeneration

Alex Currie's project entitled Degeneration documents Salford, Glasgow and Edinburg's problem of areas becoming run down and eventually abandoned. The images mis en scene contains council flats and terrace streets and grey skys and interestingly not one single person. The concept clearly contains an opinion from the photographer that these areas are concrete and brutalist and decaying locations. As a inhabitant himself of these northern typically working class areas, Currie discusses issues of an area left behind with changing times. Gone are the prosperous industrial factories of the north which many of these housing estates were originally build for and sadly for many of these locations jobs and work has never returned. Currie believes the abandonment of these areas can effect those very people who are left behind and explores how an areas appearance can effect ones subconscious and thus attitude and motivation.
Alex Currie- Degeneration
Alex Currie- Degeneration

Alex Currie- Degeneration

Alex Currie- Degeneration

Alex Currie- Degeneration
Alex Currie- Degeneration

Alex Currie- Degeneration

Alex Currie- Degeneration

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Composition Rules

A really useful website for photography tips and tutorials

www.photographymad.com is a really useful website for anything from tips on composition to tutorials on photoshop. The layout is clear and concise and the text is edited precisely to ensure no "waffle". Good for camera tech advice too, elements like shutter speed and aperture are explored aswell as specific tips on genre, such as "5 key ways to pick a portrait location" Take a look!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Martin Parr, conceptual portrait photographer

Martin Parr, conceptual portrait photographer who provides a social commentary on class and lifestyle

Useful conceptual information on portrait photography

This essay has been sectioned into two parts. The first discusses the history of the genre and its influences. The second section moves into textual and conceptual analysis of specific photographers work. It explains and describes how their bodies of work have been created to inform or should I say express a personal opinion on social class and cultural habits. Photographers discussed include Robert Doisneau, Martin Parr, David Hurne, Phillip Lorca Dicorcica and Dinu Li.

Yashica EZ f521 (an attempt at a digital Holga)

Here is Yashica's new camera. Brought out to fill the gap in the market for digital Holgas. Key characteristics include high contrast and saturation as expected but maybe more interestingly the faults from a plastic lens. When you move or shake whilst the camera captures an image the results get very trippy indeed! Take a look at the video below to see some examples of images taken by the camera and a brief review;

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Paul Russell- Street photography

Really nice use of juxtaposition in Paul Russell's London street photography, Here is his webstie, http://www.paulrussell.info/

Michael Wolf - A series of unfortunate events

A really amazing piece of work which on the surface Wolf himself did not actually capture these perfect moments in the body of work categorised in the street photography genre. However the dedication or time this body of work must have taken could possibly need even further dedication than Bresson or Winogrand's street photography which naturally caught these perfect moments. What Wolf did is he sat at his computer and scanned Google street view for countless hours looking for unfortunate perfect moments that the google camera cars captured when they were roaming the streets. He then simply took a picture of the screen. Are they his creations? his vision and images? I say so!!

Ryan Thomas Kenny

Here the photographer experiments with Lowmography in these double or sometimes triple exposures.

Further camera tech including white balance

Monday, 3 October 2011

How to make your digital images into Low Mo/Fi prints (holga/Diana)

Here we see a digital image take the 5 main characteristics of a Low Mo print. Adding vignette, light leaks, high contrast, high saturation and chromatic aberration/distortion;


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ryan Thomas Kenny; Rise

Employing friends and family as subjects, the Australian photographer captures raw nostalgia around him with a unique distorted glow