Saturday, 27 August 2011

Corinne Day

After her shocking and sudden death last year Corrine Day's work is to be celebrated at the White Chapel Gallery, London,  through the month of September. The photographer who was previously a model was often criticised for her Raw images within the fashion industry, promoting anti glamour in a industry that was fuelled by glamour seemed to ruffled a few feathers. However this is now one of the main reasons her work is so highly thought of, the rawness promoted real life and intimate moments like few other photographers could.  Widely considered to have founded the style of "Heroin Chic" and models like Kate Moss and shot them to stardom, Day is a huge loss to the world of photography.

Corrine Day

Kate Moss aged 16

Kate Moss aged 16


Hair dye

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  1. Your photography is wonderful...

    I am a fashion illustrator/artist from Los Angeles-- Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

    Jessica Rae Sommer