Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Irina Werning-Back to the Future

These amazing and intriguing portraits are created by the thorough Irina Werning. The process the photographer goes through to create this body of work is one of great effort. Irina Firstly mooches through friends, family and strangers old photographs mainly of their childhood. She studies the portrait, establishes the angle, camera used, location, lighting and lens to find out exactly how it was shot. This is the "easy" bit. Werning then needs to buy, make, beg, borrow or steel everything within the image. This includes clothes, sunglasses, teddy bears and any other object that appeared in the original image. Once these two factors have been achieved the attention to detail creates hugely interesting and enjoyable similies, which show the effects of time. The willingness and great enthusiasm which comes across from the contributers must be down to Irinas great relationship with her subjects. This is real strength, Enjoy!

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