Thursday, 24 March 2011

Philipp Paulus photographer

Phillipp Paulus is a 19 year old photographer producing industry standard work. He works in producing mainly fashion and beauty photography. The photographer has recently claimed Rhianna stole his visual concepts from a series entitled "Paper world" for her recent music video S+M. David La Chapelle is suing Rhianna for the same accusation. Of course this gained him some great publicity and this can only be a good thing, as Paulus is extremely talented, producing work of this magnitued at only 19. Quite ironically you can clearly see Paulus is himself clearly inspired by La Chapelle, using sexual and on trend youth iconography to give his work a mass appeal. To view his portfolio click on the link below.

Philipp Paulus, Paper world

Philipp Paulus, Paper world

Philipp Paulus, fashion

Philipp Paulus, iconography

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