Sunday, 19 December 2010

Stumbled across a gallery titled "Known"

known gallery

photographic montage

First off, I found this gallery as Patrick Hoelck attended Steve and Alex Olson's show "BOOM BOOM" but I had a look through their websites and it looks like a really cool place, with good shows and crowd. The gallery mainly seems to promote graffiti and urban styles of art, including some photography. The Olson show had some montage pieces along with some  pieces from paint flying off skateboards wheels as performers jumped up ramps next to canvases.

As already mentioned the show had some important guests including, Patrick Hoelck and Scott Caan so they must be doing something right! (Caan appeared in Hoelcks film "Mercy")
Scott Caan

Patrick Hoelck

Known Gallery is located in Los Angeles, US and the exciting Olson Show dates from 18 Dec till January 8th 2011

known gallery guests

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