Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The fashion photography blog

A really good blog that could really interest and help fans of creating and viewing photography. The Fashion Photography Blog (an amazing domain to own!!) created by Melissa Rodwell, a industry practicing photographer. The site gives tips and inspiration of how to use certain lighting and cameras/lenses, right across to how to work well with models. To have this kind of informed insight into a industry like fashion photography usually costs you hundreds of pounds in seminars.

 Some interesting posts I have read and enjoyed include: How to work well with your agent: How I use speedlights, When i use a tripod: 10 movies all photographers should watch and The day before the shoot. The site also has a large forum where people can discuss related topics, very useful for "techy" problems or searching for inspiration.

There are huge amount of posts and comments/discussions, my guess is this blog gets serious traffic. A quote I found on the blog that was extremely relevant to photography and most creative areas was "My line on rules is, you need to know them in order to break them" Please take a look, you wont be disappointed.

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