Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Jessica Hines, My Brothers War

"In 1967 my brother, Gary, was drafted into the US Army during the American war in Vietnam"
States Jessica Hines.  "My pre-war brother, a normal and well-adjusted person became, according to the US Veterans' Administration, 50% disabled. He took his own life ten years later."She continued
Twenty-five years after his death, I discovered among his belongings, a memo pad that revealed the names and addresses of his wartime friends, some of whom, with diligence, I managed to contact – 35 years after the war."

Jessica Hines taking her brothers old belongings back to Vietnam and revisitied the same locations he was at war and compares the difference and similarities to the modern day, while at the same time, discovering what her brother went through that led to post traumatic stress that eventually went on to kill him.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Fifi Lapin

Deemed 'the worlds most stylish bunny' by Elle Magazine, Fifi Lapin is nibbling at some seriously fashionable carrots.
Not only can you see her chic style tips illustrated wonderfully on her blog, but you can now have yourself a bunny style bible at home in the form of her book "What Shall I Wear Today?"
For more Fifi, visit her burrow here where you can also hop on over to her shop site for prints, cards and pins.

Stylish Snapping

Tommy Ton, of Jak and Jil Blog, captures the buzz of Milan Fashion Week. Giving us little windows into the highly charged, super colourful and wonderfully accessorized glamour pusses that have been prowling the Milanese catwalks this year.
For more on Tommy Ton visit the full reel of pictures here, or visit

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Perfect Symmetry

These freakishly symmetrical images are wonderfully futuristic and convey a sort of alien, insect like quality which really compliment the texture and silhouette of the knitwear.

Sandra Backlund's 'Control C' Collection. Photographs by Peter Gehrke